What A Way To Go
Phileas Fogg wasn’t real

Phileas Fogg wasn’t real

July 27, 2020

Oh hi, fancy seeing you here.


After a whole 9 months we are back in your ears with a new episode. The 9 months will make sense when you take a listen.


As usual we have a range of odd and interesting stories for you - Els' tells us some history about public duals, Sarah shares the extreme dangers of being at a baseball game and Daly regales us with the story of a weird chemical explosion in January 2020.


And as always, contains a lot of swears and loud female voices.

Assassinations Aside

Assassinations Aside

September 9, 2019

It's an episode number with a 0 on the end which can only mean one thing - a celebrity special! And it turns out that when a celeb dies consipracy theories aren't far behind...

Clare possibly sets the Crips on her (?!) by covering the murder of Tupac, while Els goes back in time for a little MORE conversation (sorry) about King of Rock n Roll Elvis Presley. Then Sarah takes us on a fascinating (horrible) tour of the Kennedy Curse.

This is the last episode for a little while as we're off around the world and having a break to regroup. Keep your eyes on our social media for news of our return.

As per f**king usual this podcast contains swearing and politics. Oh and women.

The Goldschläger Years

The Goldschläger Years

August 25, 2019

We're back with a grand total of three stories this week...music to everyone's ears!

Sarah explains how a combination of three seemingly random words can be life saving, Clare talks us through the terrifying world of snake churches and Els ruins delicious food for everyone. Sorry.

As ever, the episode ends with the delightful chaser of the women we are championing this week. Enjoy pals.

Contains swearing, snake chat and confessions of our dalliances with shit drinks.

Chernobyl Baby

Chernobyl Baby

August 12, 2019

Oh dear, it's happened again. We only have 2 stories for you this week as Daly and Sarah come with the same near miss. But don't worry, we're still as loud and boisterous as always.

Els starts us off with a story about about a family on a boat (NOT the Swiss Family Robinson) and the other two tell a tale about a dangerous fish tank.

Then we finish off with our female crushes of the week. Lots to learn.

As always, contains unapologetic lady voices and loads of swears, enjoy!

Barrister’s Lob

Barrister’s Lob

July 28, 2019

Welcome to week 37, where Clare talks us through all the horrifying pursuits us women have put ourselves through in the name of beauty, Els tells us the story of Helen Rudd and Sarah reminds why you can have too much of a good thing (and by good thing, we mean beer). As ever, we end the week with our girl crushes.

Contains swearing and a reminder that Boris Johnson is now Prime Minister. Hold on to your pants.

Patriarchy Chicken

Patriarchy Chicken

July 15, 2019

A mixed bag of unusual deaths for you this week dudes!

Sarah kicks off with the recent spate of mysterious deaths in the Dominican Republic, Clare covers the mad sad world of plane stowaways, and Els gives us all (yellow) fever to lighten the mood.

As usual we finish off with our girl crushes and swear loads. Enjoy!

Busman’s Holiday

Busman’s Holiday

July 1, 2019

The mighty threesome are reunited and back on their bullshit.

Els kicks us off with the story of a mystery man found on a beach with a weird note in his pocket. Sarah talks about the Sentinelese tribe and what is technically a murder (sorry Els) and Daly tells us the story that inspired one of her favourite songs.

The episode also contains girl crushes, Holland chat and an interesting theory about people who ride horses. Enjoy!

Upside Down Smiley Face Pancake

Upside Down Smiley Face Pancake

June 16, 2019

Sarah fans look away now... It's just Clare and Els this week. 

Clare kicks us off with a few ironic numbers (sans Alanis Morissette), and Els follows up with why you shouldn't mess with Niagara Falls, or orange peels for that matter. Short but sweet.

Contains swearing, women and Love Island chat.

Meat Done Good

Meat Done Good

June 3, 2019

We've got quite the spectrum of stories for you this week...! Clare starts with the effed-up world of climbing Everest, Els tells us what unusual object helped to save Chris McCabe's life, then Sarah closes with the very sad story of Australian teenager Sam Ballard.

To lighten it up at the end as ever we wallow in love for our Girl Crushes.

Contains swears. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Irrational Fear of Woks

Irrational Fear of Woks

May 20, 2019

The episode titles are just getting weirder and weirder. We promise you it is relevant to the episode!

This weeks episode (2 weeks late mind, don't hold it against us) is chock full of mispronunciations and a couple of stories about birds. Sarah starts us off by talking about the world's deadliest bird - even though she still doesn't know how to pronounce it. Daly tells us the story of a ritual gone wrong involving a wok and Els finishes with the tale of Aeschylus and his untimely death.

We finish as always with some girl crushes to lighten the mood. And then we talk about Serial for a while, because we're still invested.

The episode contains a load of swears, loud female voices and a load of nonsense. Enjoy!

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